Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is a fast and cost efficient trenchless method of installing underground pipes and conduits with minimal impact on the surrounding area. It is suitable for a wide variety of soil conditions and jobs including landscape, road and river crossings, and congested and environmentally sensitive areas. 

BoreTech utilises this technology for specialised drilling applications such as rock boring, under rail boring, and on-grade sewer installations. With the ability to install multiple conduit configurations over large distances, we have extensive experience installing infrastructure such as:

  • telecommunications and power cable conduits;
  • water pipes;
  • sewer pipes;
  • gas lines;
  • oil pipelines; and
  • ther product pipelines and remediation casings.

Other services that we offer include:

  • Horizontal grundomat boring
  • Hydro excavation, liquid, and solid waste removal
  • Excavating and trenching
  • Augering (up to 1520mm diameter x 8m deep)
  • Rock breaking and deep hole excavations
  • Pit and pipe installation (including on-grade pipe installations)
  • Underground service locations and vacuum potholing
  • Fully licensed asbestos removal
  • Structure and concrete works
  • Concrete/bitumen cutting and coring
  • Light and power line footings
  • Project management
  • Manhole construction (insitu and pre-cast)
  • Temporary and permanent fencing
  • Track and pad construction
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